Oct 11, 2008

Just Seen: Apocalypto

First of all, Mel Gibson is a despicable man who needs to seek professional help. His movies seem to have the unique ability to make me feel physically ill. Also, on a side note, he couldn't direct his way out of a paper bag.
Apocalypto is a deeply disturbing film, merciless in its brutality. I suspect it also suffers from racism. I don't really know much about the Mayans, but weren't they supposed to have been quite advanced in astronomy? Advanced enough not to act like savages at the sight of a solar eclipse? Also, does anyone else get the feeling that the whole movie (ending with the historically inaccurate scene of the arrival of the Spanish) has a sort of "they had it coming" tone? Especially when you take into consideration that Mel himself said it was "a universal story of exploring civilizations and what undermines them". Ahem, ahem... They got what they deserved, huh Mel?
What I found the most appalling was that all the inhumanity depicted serves no point whatsoever - except maybe to shock, or satisfy Mr Gibson's obvious appetite for sadism.
The storyline is virtually non-existent: there's fifteen minutes of crass sex jokes and then a two hour chase. And that is it. That was all that good old Mel and a certain Farhad Safinia could come up with in the way of a script. Oh hell, who needs a script anyway, just let a few bare-bottomed savages into the jungle and have them run after each other and occasionally smack each other over the head. Great! Throw in a bit of lewd slapstick for good measure, and spice things up with a pointless prophecy. What more could you ask for!
Visually it is incredibly disappointing. It really takes a genius to come up with such bland shots of the jungle. All those possibilities, and we end up with a film that just looks washed out and faded.
All that's left is a feast of unsavory scenes of futile violence. So, next time Mel Gibson mentions he might want to make a movie, would someone just, please, lock him up somewhere away from all the cameras of this world??
p.s. Oh yeah, the costumes and make up are very good. Way to go! That makes it all better!

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Dollface said...

My rule of thumb: If Mel Gibson directed it, avoid it at all costs.

You just gave me more reason to not see this movie.

Great analysis.