Sep 3, 2008

Just Seen: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Peter is left by his girlfriend Sarah, who is an actress in a popular crime show. He goes to Hawaii brokenhearted, only to meet her there, together with her new rock superstar boyfriend Aldous Snow.
I saw this movie for two reasons - one is that, against all odds and despite my strong prejudice, I quite liked Superbad and thought it was funny as hell, and the other is that my beloved Russell Brand stars in it as Snow.
Well, personally, I didn't find Sarah Marshall as funny as Superbad, although it did have some moments. I'm not big on parodies, so the bits that parody the CSI shows didn't appeal to me. Basically, the funniest thing in this film was Russell (and many critics have said this as well so I know it's not just the fangirl within me speaking). The character he plays - Aldous Snow, a rock superstar, is wonderfully funny, charismatic and just SO cool. I was delighted to hear that the same team are planning a new flick in which Aldous will be the main character.
It was refreshing to see Mila Kunis as someone other than the annoying 70s Show girl whose name I can't recall right now. Kristen Bell was quite predictable as Sarah, and while Jason Segel is likable, I'm getting a bit tired of all the loser-gets-the-girl movies.
Basically, it's light fun, nothing special, but worth seeing for Russell and a few jokes. 6/10

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