Aug 25, 2008

Just Seen: The O.C. (Season 1)

I've already explained my weakness for teen shows, and I think I've mentioned the obsessive-compulsive nature of my need to always have a new TV show that I can watch in one sitting. So, when I finished Skins – the British show that, although flawed, left me wanting more, I picked up season 1 of The O.C.
Again, I'd seen it on TV a few years ago, but at the time didn't pay attention. Yes, I knew it starred Mischa Barton, but thought - “What the heck, how bad could it possibly be?”
Well, really bad...
It follows Ryan Atwood, a young delinquent, as he moves in with the rich Cohen family after his mother leaves him. He befriends Seth, the Cohens' son, and falls in love with Marissa, the troubled girl next door.
The show has a cast from hell. Mischa Barton (Marissa) has the most annoying accent I've ever heard, and can't act to save her life. All I knew her for till now was her catastrophic dress sense, but now I've discovered that her lack of style goes hand in hand with her lack of acting skills. Benjamin McKenzie, who plays Ryan, has exactly two facial expressions: 1) “Hm, I've slipped a fart, I wonder if anyone will notice” and 2) “Sh*t, they've noticed!”
Rachel Bilson gives the expected, boring and incredibly artificial 'popular bitch' performance. Adam Brody (Seth) is cute as the rambling nerd, but I suspect he's not even acting.
The only thing worse than the acting is the plot. It's predictable yet amazingly implausible. From the starting premise that a rich family (especially the stuck-up mother) would adopt a teen delinquent, to the so popular plot where the nerd gets the most popular girl in school who is a real bitch, but it turns out she isn't really, she actually has a heart of gold and falls head over heels for him and... Oh pur-lease! When does that EVER happen in real life?? And finally, Marissa Cooper and her family... Maybe it's just because Mischa Barton is my new pet peeve, but I really, REALLY hated the character of Marissa. I also found it hilarious that we are supposed to feel sorry for her family who spend all their money and fall into debt, and then, IMAGINE THE HORROR – have to sell their house and she and her dad move into an apartment! God! Now living in an apartment instead of a $5 million house is really horrible. I don't know if I (or anyone else, really) would be able to go on with my life if I had to sell my $5 million house and move into an apartment! Marissa truly is a hero!
Anyways, enough sarcasm... It's a horrible show, just skip it and forget it ever existed.

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