Aug 10, 2008

Just Seen: The Dark Knight

I've just arrived home from the cinema where I've finally seen The Dark Knight.
Now, I was really scared of being totally disappointed with it because of all the hype. I guess that what saved me was the fact that I never, for one instant believed that it's really the best film of all time. 9.2 at IMDb, 94 % fresh at Rotten Tomatoes... Not to mention the rabid Batman fans who are ready to stone to death anyone who dares call the film anything short of a masterpiece. That really sets the bar high.
Well, I'm glad to report that I wasn't disappointed. Unfortunately, I wasn't proven wrong either. First of all, the makers of Batman should really be congratulated for being able to pull off the new franchise without too many compromises. You see, when something is expected to make as much money as the new Batman movie, it almost inevitably turns to sh*t. Well, Chris Nolan obviously doesn't let them push him around, and stands up for his ideas, and in that respect Batman is perfect. However, I think the pressure did get to him, and it led to the one flaw this movie suffers from: it's too damn long. Too many plots, too many twists. You almost feel like they could've made two movies out of this.
Also, what's with the new action sequences? Maybe it's just me, but the fights and chases in new action movies (not just Batman) are too fast to follow. Really, half the time I have no idea who's hitting/chasing who. It seems to be some sort of a recent trend (when I say recent, I mean the last 5 years or so). I can sort of see how it was born out of the need to make every film that comes out more exciting than anything before it, but it's just too much.
The most talked about member of the cast is, of course, Heath Ledger as The Joker. Yes, he was brilliantly insane, eerie and fun at the same time. It truly was the performance of his life, creative and dazzling acting that many older, more experienced and recognized actors couldn't pull off. It's a tragedy that the world has lost such a talented actor. However, I must admit I'm getting weary with all the Oscar talk. Yes, he surely deserves a nod, but isn't it a bit too early to talk about the award? Also, there's an online petition to nominate him, which seems a bit tasteless in my opinion. As often as I disagree with the Academy, I still think it's their awards, and they're entitled to nominate/vote for whomever they want. I think things like this petition actually belittle Heath's performance, as if he can't win the Oscar based on his talent, so we should all try to give him a little push and help him. Unnecessary, in my opinion.
All in all, the movie was a true Saturday night treat. But to all the people who are hailing it as the best film ever (and the ones who are doing the same with The Return Of The King, for that matter): people, try to actually watch more than 5 films before uttering statements of that magnitude. It's a good, solid 7/10, well worth watching, but it's not Space Odyssey, is it?

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mantiz said...

i badly wanted to go for the movie but then i broke my leg. talk about tough luck:(

Natasha said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Hope you get better soon!

Ian said...

Yeah I agree I really liked it too (but expected to be disappointed). I'm not usually that into comic book movies -- Heath Ledger really was amazing in it.