Jul 9, 2008

Listening To: Radiohead - In Rainbows

Wow! I'm listening to Radiohead and feeling 17 again... I used to love love love Radiohead during my high school years, but then, somewhere around the time of Amnesiac, I stopped following their work and moved onto lighter stuff. Of course, I heard about the landmark release of In Rainbows last fall, but felt too lazy to download it. Oh, what a mistake!
Strangely enough, the one who did get it (now, but better late then never) was my husband, who thoroughly dislikes Radiohead, dismisses them as the most depressing band on the face of the earth, and never calls Thom Yorke by name – in our house he is known as “that whiner of yours” (he shares that title with Damien Rice). So imagine my amazement when I got a text from hubby yesterday saying that In Rainbows is “pretty good”.
Well, after listening to it for hours on repeat, I must say I agree. I wouldn't go so far as some who are touting it as the best Radiohead yet, though - my heart belongs to OK Computer – always and forever. But, although this is not Computer, it's still bloody brilliant. The opening song, 15 Steps, is completely different from anything I've heard from RH so far, and it sucks you in so you are compelled to listen to the whole album. It's my favorite so far, along with the beautiful, melancholy Nude and Reckoner. Take a listen to the live version of Nude in the post below, and get In Rainbows now!

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