Jul 21, 2008

Just Seen: London

Yeah, I saw two movies in one night. I have no life.
No, seriously, when I saw the disaster that was Evening, I couldn't possibly go to bed feeling all bored and depressed. It's one of my compulsions - if I see a terrible film, I have to try another one to make me feel better.
I don't know why I chose London. It's a film I knew almost nothing about, but it seemed different enough from Evening to give it a go.
And it was. It's a dialog-driven piece about Syd (Chris Evans), a guy who hears his ex-girlfriend is moving to California tomorrow with her new boyfriend and is having a going-away party to which he was not invited. He decides to show up anyway, bringing along Bateman, a British banker/cocaine dealer whom he'd just met. He arrives at the party intending to confront London (the girl's name. Played by Jessica Biel), talk to her and try to win her back, only, he's so spun on coke he can't actually bring himself to get out of the bathroom. So, most of the movie consists of drug-fueled philosophical discussions in the said bathroom, interspersed with occasional flashbacks of Syd and London's relationship.
I quite enjoyed London, although I can see how it could be annoying for some people (a lot of bad comments over at IMDb). I imagine that if I met Syd in real life, I'd just want to slap him so he would shut up already, cause, frankly, all his stories are pseudo-intellectual BS that you can only hear from a drugged up 20-year-old. But, I found that, if you don't even try to take it seriously, it's actually a lot of fun. I got a few laughs out of this and a not too corny love story, and what more could you ask for... Jason Statham is great as Bateman, and Jessica Biel is SO stunning, her beauty alone makes this worthwhile.
I was feeling pretty generous last night, so I gave London 7/10 on my IMDb profile. However, I think that, if I hadn't had the misfortune of seeing Evening before it, I would've opted for a more realistic 6/10. Still, it's worth watching if you're up for a bit of mindless fun. It reminded me of Rules Of Attraction, only less depressing, and Go, but without all the action.

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