Jul 15, 2008

Just Seen: The Bourne Trilogy

I remember that, when I was a kid, my dad had a VHS of The Bourne Identity TV film, and as I recall, I rather liked it.
I got the new version ages ago, but never got around to it until last weekend. As I enjoyed the first part of the trilogy, I saw The Bourne Supremacy a day or two later, and tonight I've seen The Bourne Ultimatum as well.
I highly doubt that there's anyone who doesn't know the basic premise, but here it is: an unconscious man is found in the Mediterranean, and he can't remember anything. The only clue he has of his own identity is a Swiss bank account number embedded in his hip. It turns out he is an assassin in a top secret CIA program. That's about it. All three movies follow Bourne on his quest for the truth and his lost memory, while the Agency is trying its best to cover it all up and “terminate” him.
What can I say? The verdict is a bit tricky... While I loved the first part (and I really, really dislike action movies, so 8/10 from me on this one is a huge compliment), I found myself getting a bit fatigued by the second part, and I almost completely lost interest watching the third one. After all, there are only so many car chases you can see before you start yawning. Also, the plot, save a few details, seems to follow more or less the same pattern in all three films, so it becomes predictable and a bit derivative. So my recommendation is – see the first one, and then take long breaks before you see the second and third one. Don't expect it to be anything else but a good, fast, action-packed adrenaline bomb. And don't trust the IMDB rating which says not only that the third part (Ultimatum) is the best one, but also that it's 127th best film of all time. Not true. But still fun.

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The Nemesing One said...

I agree. Except for sex, too much of a good thing is normally bad. Awesome blog. Keep up the good work.

Maria said...

I am not a big fan of action movies myself and all the car chases do get old. However, I really did enjoy all three of these movies. I'm not sure how I'd feel if I saw them all in a weekend though.

Anonymous said...

i could sit through this series time and again. i love it, largely for its silences.

i just noticed the other day that the actress who plays pam landy is also in death race. which i don't plan to see. but oh well.