Jun 11, 2008

My Favorite Chick Flicks

You know how there are some movies that you can always watch... Like, you're bored. Or depressed. Or you accidentally catch it on TV. Or you happen to be reorganizing your DVD collection, and then think to yourself: “Aaaaw, look at this! I might pop it in the player! Just a little bit... Just the first few seconds...” (and the next thing you know, it's been two hours and you haven't actually done any work.)
Here's my list of chick flicks which make me laugh and fall in love alongside the characters, and ALWAYS leave me with a sheepish grin on my face.
In no particular order:

Bridget Jones's Diary (part I) – I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I watch this every Christmas. I mean every. single. one. It's the ultimate feel-good movie with some of the funniest scenes in chick flick history, and an occasional nugget of wisdom. Which woman doesn't identify with Bridget? AND Colin Firth is in it, looking his best (plus, I love the Mark Darcy/Mr Darcy joke. Check out Pride And Prejudice BBC mini series and the Bridget Jones books if you don't know what the joke is.)

Muriel's Wedding – the film that launched Toni Colette's career. It's an Australian gem which features quirky, lovable characters, great dialogue, and a bunch of ABBA songs. Friendless, loveless, unemployed ugly duckling Muriel befriends wild, promiscuous Rhonda and they decide to move to Sydney together. You'll laugh and cry with Muriel as she deals with family problems, illness and death of loved ones, as well as her addiction for trying on wedding dresses. Oh, she will get married, but it won't be quite what you'd expect.

A Lot Like Love
– If you haven't seen many Ashton Kutcher movies, I'm sure you tend to think of him as : a) the stupid guy from That 70s Show; or b) the annoying guy from Punk'd. Or at least that's what I knew him for before I saw A Lot Like Love. And after seeing it? Well, I developed a bit of a crush on him... The “regular guy” Ashton meets “bad girl” Amanda Peet (who is absolutely stunning!) on a plane, and then they keep crossing each other's path for the next seven years. The New Year's Eve kiss? (*swoons*)

Reality Bites
– this flick just oozes the spirit of the 90s, which I love. The essence of Generation X, only not depressing. You know: a bunch of twenty-somethings don't really know what to do with their lives after graduating. Winona Ryder is torn between smart-ass, rude layabout Ethan Hawke and obnoxious yuppie Ben Stiller (who actually directed this! Why he went on to star in a bunch of crap films will never be clear to mankind...).

Breakfast At Tiffany's/Roman Holiday - I couldn't decide on only one of these Audrey Hepburn classics. Anything I could say about them feels superfluous, except: see them! Both are charming, although I would say that Breakfast has a slightly darker, more serious feel to it. On the other hand, Roman Holiday doesn't have a happy ending... I don't even know why I'm explaining this... As if there's anyone who hasn't seen these.

A Life Less Ordinary – back in the day, when Cameron Diaz wasn't annoying, and Ewan McGregor was young and cute. Any part of the plot I could tell you is a cliché, but when you stick it all together, it becomes a unique, hilarious and slightly weird RomCom. Two angels are desperate to complete the mission of bringing together Celine (Cameron Diaz) - a spoilt rich girl, and Robert (Ewan McGregor) - a cleaner who used to work in Celine's father's company, but was replaced by a robot. Celine and Robert try to fake her abduction in order to get money from her dad, but things don't go quite as planned. The ransom demand scene will have you rolling on the floor, and Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo are comedy gold as the two angels.

My Best Friend's Wedding – You know the story: Julia Roberts has just realized that she's in love with her best friend Dermot Mulroney and she has only a few days to prevent him from marrying Cameron Diaz. For once Julia Roberts is likable (although playing herself, as usual), and Rupert Everett is brilliant as her gay friend/voice of reason. The karaoke scene will reduce you to tears - due to both laughter and embarrassment. Oh, and this one comes from the same guy who directed Muriel's Wedding.

Love Actually – another British Christmas favorite, a perfect choice for Boxing Day, when you're stuffing your face with sweets and leftovers. Follows the love lives of a group of interconnected people. Very warm and comforting. The cast is absolutely superb. British crème de la crème. If I had to pick a favorite storyline, I don't think I could... It's absolutely incredible how the filmmakers managed to develop all the characters so well that you actually care about ALL of them.

Show Me Love – a cute Swedish film, about two very different teenage girls and their search for love and their sexuality. One of my favorite kiss scenes. The storyline is very simple: one of the girls is an outcast because of rumours about her alleged homosexuality (which are true), and the other is popular but bored with everything: her friends, boys, and the small town she lives in.

Honorable mention:

Chasing Amy - Now, I love almost all of Kevin Smith's movies, but this is definitely my favorite, and also probably my second-favorite movie of all time. It's laugh-out-loud funny, it's sharp, it's intelligent, it has an excellent script, the specific feel of the Kevin Smith universe, references to characters/events from other KS films... Why is it better than the rest of his films? It's deep, emotional, personal. To quote the film: "I guess I finally had something personal to say..."
Why isn't it in the original list?
I don't necessarily think of it as a chick flick.

Pride and Prejudice (BBC mini series) - I know that having a crush on a fictional character is super-lame, but show me a woman who claims not to have a crush on Mr Darcy, and I'll show you a liar!
This is by far the best adaptation of the Jane Austen classic, with Colin Firth as the ultimate Darcy and feisty Jennifer Ehle as Lizzy. Gather your girlfriends, buy A LOT of snacks and set off on a 300 minute marathon of best romance that ever existed. And be prepared to faint at least once due to Mr Darcy's sexy scowl...
Why isn't it in the original list?
Well, technically, it's a mini series, not a film.

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Maria said...

You listed two of my faves - "My Best Friends Wedding" and "Bridget Jones Diary". I am going to watch some of the others since we have some of the same taste in movies. Great idea for a post. Thanks for submitting!